Samsung Digital Signage Sales

Messenger is an authorized Samsung Partner. An exclusive association with Samsung guarantees a fast response to orders and access to technical support when needed. We can deliver and setup any display needed for a particular installation. Outdoor signage begins with 46” displays and can grow to any size needed. Multiple displays can even be installed to display as a single image if large sizes are needed for distance viewing or greater content. Communities with multiple entrance points may wish to consider more than one display. All are easily managed.

OHF Series Displays

Samsung OHF User Manual

OHD Series Displays

Samsung OHD User Manual

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Information technology (IT) Infrastructure Management

Digital signage requires a sophisticated environment to be successful. Each Samsung sign has multiple complex computers on board. In addition the content being displayed must be securely updated using a content management system running in a server environment. Data must be available 24/7 so customers can change sign content whenever desired from wherever they want. To do all this safely and securely requires a solid IT foundation to insure that the customer’s display shows the desired content exactly as the customer has specified. IT security also prevents unauthorized display activity. Messenger recognized that very few customers in its target market would have the IT capability or the desire to manage a digital signage infrastructure. In order to make this technology available to its customers Messenger has elected to provide the IT infrastructure as a service to its customers for a nominal $19.95/mo with no long term commitment.

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Content Management

Digital signage content consists of the messages and images displayed on the sign. Some very busy customers will prefer the ability to simply call, text or email their desired content changes instead of accessing Messenger’s content management system themselves. In that case Messenger will assume responsibility for placing the specified content at the designated time for the customer. Messenger has elected to provide content management as a service to its customers for a fee of $99.95/mo again with no long term commitment.

Messenger Sign Abbreviated User Manual

Messenger Sign Full User Manual

Content Creation Author Manual

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Installation Management

Every installation requires a secure foundation, 110v electrical service and wired or wireless internet access at the sign location. The installation must be designed to provide the best viewing angles and distances to get the most benefit from the digital signage. Messenger will manage the complete installation or work with the customer’s local contractor to prepare the site and install the required equipment.

Mounting Options:

Smart City Kiosks


Samsung SMART Signage Outdoor Encloser

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MessengerSign™ Basics

A typical MessengerSign installation consists of the following:

  1. Display(s) One or more Large format displays – Samsung self-contained 24/7 outdoor rated, high nit (2,500 cd/m2), on board cooling, IP-56 rated for water/dust integrity.  On board media player also included. Displays are available in 46” and 55” versions. MSRPs from $6,615 – $9,231 with discounts usually available. Exact pricing will be shown in a Messenger proposal.
  2. Display enclosure/stand to elevate and house display for eye level viewing. Stands are available to match customer requirements from very basic to very elaborate from various manufacturers. Pricing from $1,500 on up.
  3. Setup - consists of assembly and erection at the customer’s specified site and is included in the setup cost of $950.
  4. Site preparation - Messenger can be responsible for providing the needed foundation/electrical work or customer may provide a conforming setup. Pricing is site-specific depending typically on local contractors and material costs.
  5. Internet - Customer is responsible for providing a wireless/wired internet access at the site.
  6. Updates to your sign - On-going use of the sign for updates requires a connection to the Messenger server. Server access is provided on a month-to-month subscription basis. Basic service is $19.95 per month. For enhanced service Messenger will handle all updates and scheduling of customer provided content for $99.95 per month.
  7. Special services – Messenger can provide additional services to assist you with content management. Messenger’s service provides routine software and hardware tech support as part of your monthly subscription cost. If you need special software or database work, Messenger can provide these services for $165/hr on a time and materials basis. If you need assistance with content creation Messenger can provide professional commercial art work for $135/hr.