Gary Goodenow
General Manager

Gary Goodenow

Gary serves as the primary point of contact for our customers. He has been a community association board member for many years serving in various capacities including access control/safety chair and President. In his 40+ years in the information technology (IT) field he has worked in both large and small software companies at all levels from grunt programmer to CEO. He has established and grown several IT companies of which Messenger Sign, LLC is the latest. Prior to civilian work, Gary was a member of the United States Air Force serving with the 11th Air Assault Division in preparation for deployment to Vietnam as well as many other AWS detachment duty stations. aad

Jacksonville Digital Signs

Christina Lee Goodenow
Marketing Manager

Christina Lee GoodenowChristina “Chris” guides the company’s marketing strategy. She is a natural born people person and she makes sure our customers are delighted with our strategy and performance. Chris had the good fortune to grow up in her family’s very successful concession business running white water rafting trips in the Grand Canyon. Being associated with this business taught her the right ways to make customers happy and all the little details necessary to make things work. When you “rough camp” in the Grand Canyon with your customers for eight days there aren’t many secrets afterwards and no place to hide if the customer is not satisfied! She will insure Messenger’s customers are happy campers.