Communicate effectively with your residents.

Let visitors know important information.

Post important safety news and information.


COMMUNICATE! - Using state of the art digital signage. Out with the old manual letter boards and in with vibrant HD color with bursts of full motion video. All highly effective residential community managers and association boards have one trait in common. They communicate well with their residents. They create a sense of community and present their efforts for the residents in the best possible light. Everything from important meetings and dates to community events to public service announcements must be communicated clearly.

Everyone knows that one of the best times to get the residents attention is as they are entering or leaving the property. Until now manual letter boards and matrix signs have been the only tools available. These older boards and signs are labor intensive and provide very limited messaging. Now there is a new option.

Messenger Sign, LLC is introducing Samsung’s line of low cost outdoor ready digital signage to the property management market. Messenger has built out the information technology infrastructure to support online access to every customer’s digital sign. This means every customer has instant access to update their sign anytime from anywhere in the world! Secure database structures and high availability servers guarantee confidentiality and stable signage.

Messenger has integrated their solution with Samsung Digital Signage because they are simply the best choice for our customers. Messenger integrates the Samsung large format displays with only the best stands and enclosures from Samsung and other manufactures. Messenger by design will only operate in the property management market. We intend to do only one thing and do it well.

  • Every MessengerSign™ can be updated anytime from anywhere, instantly by any authorized user logged into the Messenger system.
  • Customer data is protected and secured by the latest IT infrastructure.
  • Every installation is supervised by Messenger and uses the finest support structures from Samsung and other manufacturers.
  • Messenger’s only focus is the property management market so we know it well. We don’t do retail. We don’t do hospitality. We don’t do healthcare or government.
  • Messenger uses Samsung products exclusively. Samsung builds the highest quality products and consistently leads the digital signage market.

If you need more reasons to work with Messenger Sign, LLC, call us at (904) 404-5696. We love to talk about digital signage.